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Rob Mackintosh Fine Artist.

  • Creative Beginnings

    Graphic Designer Illustrator

    After graduation from H.B. Beal Special Art, I worked as a successful graphic designer, fortunate enough to be a part of using traditional tools and techniques right through to eventually becoming a specialist using Apple computers for art & design.

  • On The Side

    Painting was always there...

    While still working in design, I was always painting on the side. During that time I had exhibits and showings around my hometown of London ON. I enjoyed the creativity of painting whenever it allowed me the time for it.

  • My Painting Media

    Acrylic, Watercolours

    I was introduced to acrylic paint in art school and learned to use it much the same as oils. Acrylics dry very quickly with no cracking, chipping or yellowing like oils do over time.
    I sometimes paint in watercolours.

  • Today

    Doing what I love.

    Now, being a full time painter I'd be interested in speaking with art galleries for representation. Please use the email form below to contact me.


  • Canadian

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